About us

We are a team of people, inside which there are entrepreneurs and artists, united by a business idea that puts the realization of the person in the workplace at the center of everything. Achieving the result must always be accompanied by the moral side of success. We are pleased not only to collaborate with promising new partners with mutually beneficial agreements and / or contracts, but we also always opened to simple friends who share our philosophy of life. We collaborate with 14 countries in Europe and Asia and for this reason we are an international and multilingual team.


"Primus inter pares" is our motto! The point, of course, is that we do not consider ourselves better than the others, but equal them. According to the ancient Roman tradition, Caesar was called this; in fact, in democracy, in the absence of the President of the Senate from Rome, anyone could be appointed in his place to administer state affairs. This principle generates a strong motivation in us to provide the best possible services to contribute, in a sustainable way, to the socio-economic development of the countries in which we operate.

We support the principle of corporate diversification by simultaneously developing different activities in various sectors. In each of the areas in which we operate we work with the best Italian companies, treating our reputation and the reputation of our partners with care.

Hotel Baldo

In 2020 our company became the owner of the Hotel Baldo located in the municipality of Ferrrara di Monte Baldo. Hotel Baldo, which celebrated the 90th anniversary of its construction in 2020, centrally dominates the main square of the municipality and offers splendid views of the surrounding mountains. It has 30 rooms, a restaurant and a bar. Hotel Baldo is located in the immediate vicinity of the famous Sanctuary of the Madonna della Corona. Detailed information on our site Web.


Our restaurant is located in the municipality of Ferrara di Monte Baldo. Our guests will delight the palate with the excellent local cuisine, based on the use of fresh, native and seasonal products.

We also serve Italian and European dishes to satisfy any customer need. Immersed in a welcoming atmosphere of warmth and friendliness, our guests will be able to spend pleasant moments wrapped in an atmosphere of calm and tranquility. Excellent quality and reasonable prices will surely be to your liking.

Valpolicella wines are famous all over the world and in our restaurant we have a wonderful selection of different wineries in the area. Wine lovers will also find, within our cellar, various types of wine and renowned bottles from other regions of Italy. Go to the site.


For lovers, collectors and simple lovers of Italian wines, we have a special series of offers that, in our opinion, can satisfy the most demanding connoisseurs. History, geography, the art of growing and producing wine: everything in our collection is permeated with love for this wonderful elixir of happiness. We are ready to share this happiness with our friends. Go to the site.

Caffè Venetico

Wine and coffee in Italy sometimes travel hand in hand. The processes that precede the tasting of these miraculous drinks are equally complex, interesting, saturated with love for the preparation and the achievement of the final result. We mainly produce coffee for export and have representatives in different countries of Europe and Asia. A vast assortment will satisfy all needs: in beans or ground, coffee for mocha, capsules or preparation for professional coffee machines. Further information is available on the Web.



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Piazza General Cantore n.4 Ferrara di Monte Baldo(VR)